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Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills

The programme is a fantastic opportunity to encourage positive and productive team-working across the whole workplace. The course will help boost individual performance and provide an understanding of teamwork and what makes a good team. Its aimed at all levels within the organisation and offers real opportunity to bring together managers and staff at all levels to affect real change to behaviours.

Employer Benefits

1. Capable, well-equipped people who work well together

2. Effective communication, inside and outside the business

3. Improved personal accountability and motivation


Topics covered

1. Introduction to team/business skills:What it means to be a team member, attributes of a successful team member leadership of teams and leadership styles. Supporting the business process.

2. Business /team structures Types of teams inside an organisation:The benefits of working together and the characteristics of effective businesses including how to grow your team/business

3. Team member responsibilities Understanding business member responsibilities in the workplace:Including legal obligations, health and safety, positive staff well-being, resources, equality and diversity, and environment issues, security i.e. GDPR

4. Communication in the workplace:Developing communication and active listening skills. Identifying own strengths and weaknesses. Identify ways to improve communication among business colleagues. Opportunity to challenge or discuss current communication methods and effectiveness.

5. Time Management Reasons for poor time management:How to manage time effectively, meeting deadlines and self-assessment. Developing your own business skills

6. Problem Solving:Using success criteria to identify the best possible techniques to resolve problems

7. Managing Conflict in the workplace:Handling conflict and resolution procedures. Identifying signs of conflict and stages of escalation


*Please note that courses can be delivered in the workplace if the number of participants make it feasible. Where possible, timing of courses can be tailored to suit the operational needs of a business


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