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Sports Coaching Apprenticeship

Sports Coaching

What Is It?

The Sports Coaching Programme offers young people the skills and opportunities to turn a passion for sport into a productive career. This programme is flexible and could be tailored to a number of areas including teaching in schools, dance, nutrition and gym coaching.

Why take on an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to find the future drivers of your business. If you employ less than 250, and have not taken on an Apprentice in the past 3 years, then you are entitled to generous government incentives, including a £1,500 grant.
Taking into account the Apprentice minimum wage (£2.65 per hour), you could employ an Apprentice for 40 hours a week for a full 12 months for as little as £3,908. Well-matched Apprenticeships create a win-win situation; offering a young people the opportunity to succeed and providing your business with a committed well-trained workforce.