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An Introduction to Business Finance and Strategy

This course seeks to introduce an effective understanding of basic business finance tools to enable the business and the business owner to understand how effective business and finance strategies and systems will support the business and its growth and development.

The course also seeks to introduce basic accounting and taxation understanding and introduce how specialist finance professionals seek to develop a business.

What will I learn

1 Basic Business Plan
The proposition, The market and reaching target customers, Defining your price/value, Costs and margins vs market value, Break even, Cash flow and cash requirement, Budgets

2 Some funding option
Bank/equity, EFG, Other

3 Understanding business structures
Sole trader, Partnerships, Limited companies

4 Accounting understanding
Profit and loss, Balance sheets, Cash flows

5 The importance of cash
Fixed/Investment capital, Working capital

6 Taxation and compliance
Self-assessment, Income tax/CT/VAT, PAYE/NIC

7 Life cycle of a business
Start up, Life style, Developed, Investor ready

8 Thinking like a Finance Director
a Supporting the business
Compliance, Basic tax planning, Outside support - IT/HR/Risk and Insurance, Legal agreements
b Operating the business
Controlled delegation, Reporting, Profit improvement, Managing working capital
c Developing the business strategy
Defining the strategy, Managing the risks, Timing, Appropriate funding