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Basics of Sales

This course employs a teaching and learning strategy primarily based on a lecture programme, which highlights effective and ineffective practice from local case study organizations and which gives students the opportunity to apply various marketing and promotional concepts and principles to their own organisation. The lecture content is industry focused and gives students the opportunity to apply concepts and techniques to SME organizations they are familiar with in module study outside the lecture time.

What will I learn

1 An overview of key concepts in Sales
Defining the sales function and its role within the business - relationship to marketing ; sales and the delivery; the 4 basics of the sales role ; application of AIDA ; the sales mix - product, price and presentation - the sales task and requisite skills.
2 The Sales Meeting
Prospecting and how to find prospects ; cold calling ; the qualified prospect-qualifying the prospect - preparation for the sales meeting - identifying the true buyer - using SMART objectives- Setting the shape of the meeting ; the use of support elements - customer records
3 First Impressions
Directing the meeting - effective sales behaviour - ascertaining customer needs and wants - questioning techniques - listening and agreeing terms - ordering priorities.
4 Presenting the Case
Presentation guidelines - highlighting features and benefits ; differentiating the offer - selling the price -building value - use of proof ; the sales presentation general guidelines - demonstrating.
5 Reducing Resistance
Selling to different personalities - basic personality types - Analytical, Driver, Emotional Extrovert and the Amiable. Seeking feedback. Handling Objections - Analysing why objections occur - dealing with objections
6 Successful Closing
The necessity for closing ; risks with closing ; timing the closure - closing methods.