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Business Networking

This course serves to introduce students to the concept of business networking by examining desirable and achievable outcomes. Many business people are reluctant to use networking for a variety of reasons ranging from beliefs about its effectiveness to fear of entering a room full of people they don't know.

The course explores techniques for networking successfully and for getting business through networking. It also addresses the choice of networking event for particular businesses and examines techniques by which delegates can be more confident in networking.

What will I learn

1. The purpose of networking?
Defining business networking - the uses of networking and desirable and achievable outcomes. Types of networking offerings - the range of networking events and their appropriateness to different businesses.

2. The goals of networking
Getting and giving referrals; building business relationships - the social dimension to business networking. Attitudes to networking - networking as a recognised and integrated element of the work function.

3. Effective Networking Skills
The range of social and business skills required for effective networking. Techniques for appearing more confident when networking; the need for assertiveness. Techniques for dialogue and interaction with previously unknown people.

4. Elevator Pitches
The "elevator pitch" - presenting yourself and your business in thirty seconds; writing and rehearsing the 'pitch' - misconceptions about the elevator pitch. Techniques for presenting the business in ten minutes - the value of stories. Relating to the audience - strategies for one to one communications.