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Influence & Negotiation Skills

This course breaks down the explicit skills of being able to influence others and negotiate successfully in business. In doing so we remove the perception that charm, charisma and persuasion are inherent personality traits and we break them down into discrete and learnable skills and make them available to the student.

The course employs a teaching and learning strategy primarily based on a lecture programme, which highlights effective and ineffective practice from local case study organizations and which gives students the opportunity to apply various concepts and principles to develop their own influence and negotiation behaviour as effective tools in business. Accordingly, the course will embrace case studies and role play exercises..

What will I learn

1 Setting The Right Intention
Establishing the correct mindset for entering a negotiation. Accepting personal responsibility for your own results and being able to manage mental interferences that prevent fair and productive assertion.
2 Setting Your Outcomes
Understanding the range of possible outcomes from ideal to acceptable, and establishing the appropriate evidence criteria to ensure that success is properly defined.
3 Building Rapport
Exploring the origins and meaning of Rapport, When to create it and when it is not useful; understanding how body language, tone of voice and shared vocabulary and experiences can help or hinder the process. Skills practice.
4 Having A Feedback Mechanism
Learning how to read and calibrate clusters of body language, detecting incongruence between facial gestures, body movements and verbal delivery. Learning to establish the signals for 'true' and 'not true'
5 Having Behavioural Flexibility
Bringing the work of W Ross Ashby on Cybernetics into human Behaviour, developing flexibility of thought, attitude and action to ensure success.
6 Choosing A Strategy
Being able to utilise a game plan, based on diagnosing 'pain' or dis-satisfaction with present circumstances and giving demonstrations of tangible business gain or benefit. Learning how best to describe difference and uniqueness in an offer. Understanding which part of the human brain has the biggest impact on decision making and how to structure an offer to be most appealing to that centre.
7 Using Proven Tactics
Discussion and practice of seven key impact-boosting tactics that can be used at any stage of the influence and negotiation process including verbal and written language, the use of images and other ideas.