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NLP for Business Influence

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and started in the mid 1970s as the study of excellence and has grown and evolved since that time. Originally from the study of successful therapists, NLP techniques now include and are applied to the areas of Media, Sales and Negotiation amongst other.

Being able to influence suppliers, customers and colleagues in the workplace is a crucial skill in the modern market place. People who never master it often find they are left behind the competition and last in line for life's rewards. Doing it eloquently and with integrity is a level that charismatic leaders do with ease, and others simply struggle to achieve. Now the techniques are being shared in this powerful two day event, that you can learn easily to use in your life, business and share with others. Being on the giving or receiving end of these techniques is your choice...

What if you could easily and effortlessly have more of what you want, and less of what you don't want in your work?

What will I learn

1 The seven principles of immediate influence used by the Media

2 My own personal drivers that motivate me

3 How I can influence and motivate others

4 Group mastery to use in presentations

5 The subtle language patterns used by the experts to create a willingness to comply

6 How to retain integrity and honesty and still create influence
...and more!