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Sales Impact Training

The role of the sales person is constantly changing with a shifting economic climate, new technology and differing customer demands. With more information, more readily available the key to sales success is the ability to generate value

Excellent sales people use a variety of methods to focus on what will make a difference for their customer. Recognising that professional selling goes way beyond the simplistic 'people buy from people' argument the new breed of sales person will use their relationship building and networking skills along with consultative selling techniques and value based logic to strike a balance and develop an approach suitable for their customer. A case of using both EQ and IQ.

In a changing world where sales opportunities are precious it is imperative to get it right - this course ensures a professional sales person will do that.

What will I learn

1. The evolution of Sales

2. Use tools and techniques in your sales processes

3. How to source new business

4. Keeping the customer's attention

5. The Psychology of Selling

6. Using effective questioning techniques

7. Focusing on the customer

8. Setting SMART objectives
...and more!