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Superb Telesales

This course is designed for those with an 'internal' sales role or who conduct most of their business using the telephone this course gives a complete overview of an effective sales process and the associated skills and techniques.

With people becoming increasingly busy ad meeting time at a premium the need for a succinct way to communicate and sell remotely is as important as ever. Sometimes considered the 'junior partner' to the field sales, telesales should be in fact an extremely important part of an organisation sales strategy and having skilled operators can have significant (and economical!) effect on the bottom line.

What will I learn

1 Use sales process in a business winning context

2 Establish and use different modes of activity for 'Reactive' and 'Proactive' sales

3 Use 'Sales Pipleine' to schedule and plan selling activity

4 Apply criteria based techniques of customer qualification

5 Get the call underway in the right way

6 Reinforce customer engagement skills

7 Close the call with confidence and move on to the logical next step
...and more!