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Sales Training

  • Basics of Sales This course highlights the effective and ineffective practices from case study organizations and gives students the opportunity to apply various marketing and promotional concepts and principles to their own organisation.


  • Sales Impact Training Professional selling goes way beyond the simplistic 'people buy from people' argument, the new breed of sales person will use their relationship building and networking skills along with consultative selling techniques and value based logic to strike a balance and develop an approach suitable for their customer.


  • Superb Telesales Sometimes considered the 'junior partner' to the field sales, telesales should be in fact an extremely important part of an organisation sales strategy and having skilled operators can have significant (and economical!) effect on the bottom line.


  • Sales Success Energiser The course provides an overview into the skills, knowledge and attributes known to make a difference and addresses the day to day behaviour that works.


  • Business Networking This course serves to introduce students to the concept of business networking by examining desirable and achievable outcomes. Many business people are reluctant to use networking for a variety of reasons ranging from beliefs about its effectiveness to fear of entering a room full of people they don't know.