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ILM Level 2 Certificate in Leadership & Team Skills

This four-day course will help you boost your performance as a team leader.

This four-day course will help you be more effective and confident in your role. It will develop the skills you need to lead, organise and motivate a team. It's ideal for current or aspiring team leaders or supervisors who have little or no formal training. Can also be useful for a current team leader or supervisors who wish to update skills sets.

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, the course includes the following:

Day 1

Leading Your Work Team: A Good Understanding of leading your team, and the differences between leading rather than managing your team. Develop your own leadership styles, explore the potential impact on individuals and performance.

Developing the Work Team: Understand the nature of teams and how team structures are formed. Develop the qualities needed to become a responsible team leader and be able to recognize the benefits of team activity.

Day 2

Improving the performance of the work team: Understand the organisation requirements in relation to team performance. Understand how to address underperformance and the role of motivation in improving performance.

Setting Team Objectives: Setting SMART objectives for your self and aligning them to the business. Understand time management and monitoring techniques to ensure plans are achieved. Be able to assess achievement of work based objectives.

Day 3

Induction and coaching in the workplace: Understand how to integrate new team members. Develop an understanding of coaching techniques to build confidence and performance in the work team.

Planning and Monitoring work: Develop an understanding of organisation guidelines to achieve team goals. Plan and allocate work and then monitor the team's performance against work plans.

Day 4

Workplace communication: Understand the importance of effective communication. Develop methods of communication in the workplace and maintain accurate records. Identify potential barriers to communication.

Understanding change in the workplace: Understand barriers to change in the workplace and identify how they can be overcome. Understand how a team leader can support change in the workplace.

*Please note that courses can be delivered in the workplace if the number of participants make it feasible. Where possible, timing of courses can be tailored to suit the operational needs of a business


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